Award winning composer, Murugan Thiruchelvam, is based in London and has credits encompassing a wide range of media.

After graduating from ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music) in 2012, his journey of composing began in games. Murugan established an ongoing relationship with Bafta winning games studio, Bossa, having written soundtracks for the hugely successful ‘Surgeon Simulator’ (Bafta nominated) and ‘I am Bread’. He is in the process of finishing the soundtrack for their highly anticipated ‘ Worlds Adrift’, recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Murugan recently branched out and entered the world of adverts and trailers, forming relationships with sync agencies such as Felt, Altitude music and others. His pitch with Altitude Music for the upcoming BBC Planet Earth 2 series came second to Hans Zimmer and his team at Bleeding Fingers. He is now in the middle of contributing music to Amazon’s Grand Tour with Felt, who are the music supervisors for the show.

He comes from a background of many genres ranging from classical to electro to jazz. His interest in all music has led him to experiment in all genres and helped him realise his dream of being a composer.

He is a multi instrumentalist and having learnt south asian percussion from the early age of 3 he went on to teach himself drums, guitar and piano, which has allowed him to perform on stages such as Glastonbury and support the likes of Josh Kumra and Ghost Poet. Murugan is in the process of writing his solo piano album and orchestral work.

It is the combination of his experience in diverse genres and his command of various instruments that have given him his broad, yet unique and emotive depth in his work.